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Why People Are Using VPNs More In 2022?

VPNs were once considered software that only tech geeks used, and some people even assumed that those using them were doing it for illegal purposes. But after several years, this is not the case. VPNs popularity has skyrocketed as more people worldwide are turning to VPNs for distinct reasons. According to recent statics, the VPN industry is expected to hit an overall worth of $31.1 billion, which is a massive increase, minding that the industry was worth $15.64 billion in 2016.

So, why are they surging in popularity, and why are more people searching for a high-speed VPN service provider website? Here are several reasons why:

1.      For Security

One of the key reasons why people are using VPNs more in 2022 is to protect their personal information and browsing activity. With public Wi-Fi being all over, there is no way to tell how secure these networks are, and third parties can snoop and steal your data when connected to these public networks

However, if you value your privacy, getting a VPN is the only way your online safety is guaranteed. But not just any VPN; instead, consider one with a ‘no logs’ policy. This means that the VPN cannot record or track of the websites you visited. Therefore, if you are browsing, no one can see your online activity or follow you.

2.      Traveling Around

Most travelers have found VPNs can be a big lifesaver, especially when traveling around different countries. For example, a good virtual private network will protect you from hackers if you want to access your bank account in areas with high cybercrime rates. At the same time, if you are traveling to another country and want to stream your preferred streaming sites, you can do so using a VPN.

3.      Escape Bandwidth Throttling

Internet service providers (ISP) are notorious for placing bandwidth-limiting strategies on their users. Bandwidth throttling is when the internet provider slows down your connection intentionally.

Your ISP purposefully slows down customers who consume a lot of internet data (such as those streaming videos, downloading, or playing games) to keep the performance the same for every user. With a VPN, your internet provider may not be able to view your traffic; thus, you will stop experiencing sluggish networks and enjoy browsing.

4.      Streaming Websites

Some TV streaming services have geo-blocks, which restrict people from specific countries from accessing their services. Fortunately, some VPNs have managed to dodge these limitations. People are turning to high speed secure VPN for streaming since they want to catch their favorite shows, movies, or channels from their preferred streaming websites.

5.      Get Cheaper Prices

Did you know that online retailers usually change the prices of their products based on their customer’s location? As a result, you may find that some prices are high in some regions and somehow low in other areas. Luckily, with a VPN, you can find lower prices for certain products, hotel rates, plane tickets, and more than what is offered in your country.

Why You Need A VPN in 2022?

The reasons we have listed above why people are using VPNs more in 2022 are just the tip of the iceberg. If you interested in hiding your IP address, protecting your online activity, and unblocking websites, get our trusted high speed VPN for PC free for extensive benefits.

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