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Why use vpn

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No-Usage-Logs Policy

Our strict no-usage-logs policy means we don’t collect or log your name, your real IP address, any of your internet traffic, or any details about your VPN usage — ever.

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Hide Your IP Address

When you connect to our VPN, our servers will assign you a new IP address to mask your real one, making it look like you’re connecting to the internet from a different location.

secure vpn download free for mac

Private Web Browsing

When you route your internet traffic through VPN, your data is encrypted and obfuscated so internet service providers (ISPs) and network administrators can’t detect what you’re doing online — browsing, streaming, or anything else.

We Offer


Corporate VPN For Your Business

Our VPN solutions for small businesses and large corporations alike. Security is just as important to entire companies as it is to individual users.

Get The Fastest VPN On The Planet

Our Openvpn has a global network of next-generation VPN servers that’s been optimized for 10 Gbps connection speeds and uses some of the world’s fastest VPN protocols — this means no more buffering, stuttering, lagging, or freezing.

Highly Configurable Split Tunneling

Sometimes certain apps or websites aren’t VPN-friendly. Our advanced split-tunneling settings allow you to choose which applications or IP addresses bypass the VPN tunnel

Get A Dedicated IP Address For Extra VPN Usability

A dedicated IP is a unique IP address that only you have access to. Dedicated IPs are designed for those who want all the benefits of a VPN

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Build and protect your browsing

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