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Acceptable Use Policy

TicketToAPlanet is committed to providing users with a fast and secure VPN service, enabling them to access the internet without any fear of their movements being tracked without any notice or their personal data being at risk. Online data theft is among the most common cybercrime in this day and age. With TicketToAPlanet, one can guarantee protection from nefarious actors.

In order to provide a professional service, here are a few guidelines that our users must be in strict adherence to. Any non-compliance on the part of the service user would result in immediate termination of the said service. Continual usage of the site and the service is an acknowledgment of the user’s understanding of the acceptable use policy.

Prohibited Activities

The user of the TicketToAPlanet VPN service can only utilize the product for lawful purposes. Any use of the VPN service for unlawful activities is discouraged. Here are some illicit uses of the service that will result in the user getting their services terminated with immediate effect.

  • Sending of SPAN messages, including bulk mail and web span.
  • Any hacking activities using the TicketToAPlanet VPN product are strictly prohibited. Users are restricted from gaining illegal or unauthorized access to other computers with the aid of TicketToAPlanet VPN.
  • Scanning of ports or networks is prohibited.
  • Distribution of Internet viruses, malware, trojan, or any other item of such sort that will influence other computer devices would result in immediate suspension of VPN service.
  • Any launch of DoS/DDoS attacks is also included under the illicit activity list.
  • The user of the service is prohibited from participating in any fraud or phishing activity through the server.
  • The account holder should not transmit any copyrighted, trademarked, or patented content.
  • Any transmission of child pornographic material is strictly against the fair use policy.
  • Promoting terrorism or hateful content through the server
  • Engaging in any other illegal activity that is prohibited under local, state, federal, and international laws
  • Sharing the account with multiple users

These are just some of the many illicit uses of the VPN service that are prohibited under the acceptable service use terms and conditions. The above is not an exhaustive list, and TicketToAPlanet reserves the right to make changes to the list or define what can be considered as an abuse of the fair use policy of our services. Any such changes to the terms & conditions in the acceptable use policy would be notified to the user through an update on the feed wall.

The users of the TicketToAPlanet service are encouraged to stay up to date with the acceptable use policy.

For any queries regarding the acceptable use policy, users can connect with the support team at TicketToAPlanet through info@tickettoaplanet.com at their convenience.