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Connect reliably from anywhere and to anywhere with the best VPN secure browsing on the market – Tickettoaplanet.

Why choose TTAP?

Tickettoaplanet or TTAP is a fast and secure VPN network, allowing you to easily protect your internet traffic and keep your identity hidden from trackers. Unlike the other VPN, which only redirects the internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to hide their locations, Tickettoaplanet goes that extra mile and blocks any ads and malware that can be used to track the device.

No Logs

We never collect, record, or store any user data. User privacy is important to our purpose.

Quick Setup

Select your strategy. Install the VPN software. Protect your account in minutes by verifying it.

Open Source

Our apps are completely open source. Anyone can examine and modify our open-source software.

Block Ads, Trackers & Malware

Remove all advertising. Trackers on the internet Malicious websites

Endless Bandwidth

With our large server network, you may enjoy unrestricted internet speeds.

Advance Updates

TTAP is a VPN that allow you with latest updates for both free and paid memberships.

Server Locations

Tickettoaplanet allows one to connect with numerous locations worldwide with a single click. Our network of high-speed servers is spread around the world in various regions enabling one to access even remote places without much issue.



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